John's Bars

Entertain Excellently.

You've  found the largest custom home and commercial bar maker on the web. 

We've been building home bar kits and shipping them throughout the United States since 2015. 

To date, we've been proud to ship over 700 custom bar orders. 

We hope to get to build one for you!



1. Browse one of our many pre-selected designs in the 'Shop'  >  'Bars' menu 

2.  Or, for a custom quote, click on 'Selections Guide' and complete the short survey.  A representative will email you back shortly with your bid!

3.  Browse through the other available upgrades and accessories for your bar and contact us if any of the shown additions would be appropriate for your project.

4.  Once your order is submitted, hang tight!  In about 4-6 weeks your custom built bar will be delivered.