Entertain your guests inside and out with a custom outdoor bar set. John’s Bars LLC designs, builds, and ships custom bars throughout the United States so you too can enjoy the glory and freedom of an outdoor bar.


Our Custom Outdoor Bar Sets


We design the bar to meet your exact specifications. We know that you have specific needs and requirements that your bar must meet, and so we give you the flexibility and power to ensure that your standards are met.


Our designer consults with you directly and creates your custom outdoor bar set. This is to guarantee that you are satisfied with the final product. We walk through the size and shape specifications as well as your desires for the exterior and placement of the bar.


We also offer a variety of stains and finishes to give your outdoor bar that extra edge. Consider a satin finish weatherproofing polyurethane for the entire interior and exterior of the bar so that you can safely use it both outdoors and indoors. With this flexibility, you can place the bar where you truly desire once you see it in person. This specific finish has a versatility that you’ll likely appreciate in the future.


Truly enhance your entertaining capabilities with our custom outdoor bar set. Wow your guests with your sophistication from behind the bar.


Our History


John’s Bars LLC began as a hobby, fueled by our passion for bars and achieving the perfect fit for our friends’ and families’ homes. We keep that passion alive today as we work with you to design the ideal custom outdoor bar set for your home.


We commit to bringing you a high-quality product at an affordable price. In pursuit of this goal, we offer free shipping on all our orders and financing options. If the custom bar you want is out of your price range, work with us and we’ll find a solution so that you can have the outdoor bar you deserve.


Explore our products below and call 610-722-5660 or email john@johnsbars.com with any questions.

Custom Outdoor Bar Set